Codemotion World Milan 2017

I was a presenter to the Codemotion Milano 2017. My talk was about "Isomorphic programming in Scala and WebDevelopment in Scala.JS"

Scala is the only language that can be used to produce code that can be "trans/compiled" for the JVM, in Javascript and in native binary. This allows to write libraries that are usable in JVM and JS using the power of functional programming (i.e. cats, scalaz), generic programming (i.e. shapeless) and macro/scalameta available in Scala. In this talk, we will see how to write a Scala application backend and a SPA (scala.js/scala-js-react) that share the same code as a business logic, datamodels and transparent API call (JVM/JS) in Scala (via autowire/akka-http/circe).

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

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