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Hello! I’m Alberto Paro. Senior Big Data Solution Architect and Developer specializing in Big Data business intelligence solutions. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for big data solution and projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Scala, Java and Python. Strong background in project management and customer relations.

Professional Skills

Scala 90%
Java 80%
Python 85%
HTML & CSS 89%
ElasticSearch 99%
Kafka 90%
Akka 80%
Apache Spark 75%
Accumulo 90%
HBase 75%
Linux 80%
Docker 90%

Work Experience

04/2017 → 01/2018

Wimobilize Singapore PTE LTD

Chief Technology Office

Wimobilize Singapore is a company specialized in Big Data projects. I’m leading the development and integration of Wimobilize BigData software platform: a solution platform to speed up the development/integration of BigData in companies. Wimobilize BigData software platform provides full featured solution to manage Big Data issues integrating Morpheus-DB (a leader multi data-layer BigData Datastore), Machine Learning Technologies, Natural Language Processing and a ready to use Microservices application layer to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership in design Big Data projects. The solution is linear scalable using NoSQL solutions and allows companies to easy integrate Apache Spark (Hadoop) and streaming programming in their architectures. I manage the full cycle of the product development from clients’ requirements to deploy. For my company, I’m the evangelist of NoSQL/Scala/Big Data Solutions in conferences and meetups.

01/2014 →

Paro Consulting

Big Data Trainer and Consulting

National and international (Switzerland, Austria, and U.S.A.) consulting regarding Big Data technologies (i.e. ElasticSearch, Apache Spark - Hadoop, Akka, Play Framework, log monitoring, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Accumulo, HBase and advanced analytics). I cover several topics from requirements/analysis, architecture design and validation, development cycle and deploy.
I’m partner with RIOS – Rete Italiana OpenSource, Italian main contractor for Hadoop (HortonWorks), ElasticSearch and Zimbra.
Presenter for Scala programming language events.
Presenter for Big Data Conferences

05/2015 →

Seacom SRL

Big Data Trainer and Consulting

Seacom is the lead Italian Company to support business on Elasticsearch and Kafka Confluent integration. Seacom is the official part of Zimbra, ElasticSearch and Confluent. We try to cover all the needs in expertise to design, manage and deploy Big Data Solutions: helping integrating Nosql datastores (Elasticsearch, Hbase, Accumulo, Kafka), microservices architectures and moving our customer companies on Big Data business. Via Seacom, I provide advanced support for BigData solutions for a lot of Italian big Companies (such as Accenture, Telecom), and international companies.

02/2015 → 04/2017


Technical Advisor

I work with the team of research and development and with the architects of BNova ( to identify new architectural solutions for Big Data applications and new products to be included in the BNova offer. BNova is the official partner of Cloudera and HortonWorks,

03/2016 → 06/2017

The Net Planet Europe SRL

Chief Technology Officer

Leader of development of Brainaetic Suite.
The Net Planet Europe SRL provides full featured solution to manage Big Data issues via Machine Learning Technologies, Natural Language Processing and reactive programming. The soulution is linear scalable using NoSQL solutions, Akka and AkkaHTTP technologies. I manage the full cycle of the product development from clients' requirements to deploy.
Relevant projects in this period are:

  • INPS ICD9 Classifier: Italian public Healthcare system to monitor medical receipts. The system uses advanced engine that allow to understand medical receipts and assign them to ICD9CM universal healthcasre coding.
  • INPS HelpDesk - INPS Risponde search engine. This system allows to use provide fast response to the INPS helpdesk: it leverages the current knowledge base of INPS and with several Machine Learning algorithms it's able to provide automatic response for INPS requests.

07/2014 → 12/2015

Big Data Technologies SRL

Chief Technology Officer

Leader of development of Nabu Suite (a rewrite of Brainaetic Suite), an integrate platform on Scala based on Big Data technologies designed for the cloud. Big Data Technologies SRL provides full featured solution to manage Big Data issues via Machine Learning Technologies, Natural Language Processing and reactive programming. The soulution is linear scalable using NoSQL solutions, Apache Spark (Hadoop) and Playframework. I manage the full cycle of the product development from clients' requirements to deploy. For my company, I'm the evangelist of NoSQ/Big Data solutions in conferences and meetups.

09/2006 → 07/2014

The Net Planet SRL

Chief Technology Officer

Project and Product Leader of development of Brainaetic Suite, an expert framework created to answer advanced B2B requirements. This suite is a modern system to process big data, with ORM for Django and Scala to manage its NoSql datastore and graph db engine. I'm the person in charge of Research&Development and employer selection. Brainaetic Suite contains about 100 application modules, such as:

  • ACM: automatic categorization system to assign category to documents;
  • Cluster: module used to clusterize data and documents;
  • Feature: module used to extract features from text;
  • GeoData: geolocalization module to automatically geo localize text and documents;
  • Indexer: enterprise indexing/search system both documental and graph, cloud native, NLP integrated;
  • Importer: module used to import documents in several formats and to convert them to be usable for desktop and mobile platforms;
  • Language: full NLP for working with Italian/English/French and German languages, with entity extraction, concept and context management, ...
  • PKM: Personal Knowledge Manager, to capture personal data (documents, web pages, web page fragments)
  • Spider: local and web crawling module;
With my deep knowledge of technologies, I cover all the product lifecycle, from the initial requirements analysis, to architecture design, development and deploy. The most evaluable projects are the following ones:
  • OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) for an Italian energy company. Used technologies; Natural Language Processing (NLP), distributed crawler, data brewery. Big Data: more than 1 Bilion documents;
  • KMS, CMS and HelpDesk for financial and banking company. Used technologies: knowledge manager: workflow, NLP, distributed crawler, data brewery;
  • Log Analyzer (2007): Used technologies: log analysis bigdata, customised to EVT processing (13M docs/day)

03/03/2003 → 28/07/2003

Politecnico di Milano

Project Leader and Developer

I worked on many projects as "tecnologico" (technology expert) in commercial and culture heritage projects as role of information designer as a deep UML expert and meta-tools power user. My thesis project is available at that is an example of my skills in this IT sector. In this period I was also worked at the following projects:

  • "I gigli di Nola" , an interactive DVD about gigli di Nola festival for Politecnico of Milano, built in Macromedia Director
  • Rational Rose Plugin for geotagging/georeferentiation for professor Pelagatti.
  • Rational Rose Italy Consultant (located in Milano 2), for customization and improvement of their products.


1996 - 2002

Bachelor's degree, Engineering in Information Technology

Sector: Networking

Politecnico di Milano

1991 - 1996

High School

G. B. Grassi di Saronno, Liceo Scientifico

My Interests

I have a keen interest in photography, dioramas and reading.

  • Bicycling
  • Watch Movies
  • Skating
  • Shopping
  • Playing Tennis
  • Playing Bowling
  • Swimming

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